The Project

Geospatial data comprise a particularly important significance not only in everyday decisions, but in particular in scientific analyses, experiments and other conducted research. Hence, reliable access to required (spatial) data is paramount for research institutes. However, while geospatial data have historically been available in some form for Swiss universities, selection and processing of these datasets has generally been cumbersome and difficult, leaving any non-expert on the subject in the dark.

The Aim

The Geodata4SwissEDU project aims at overcoming this drawback by providing an intuitive, easy to use web interface for quick access to the most important national spatial datasets as provided by the federal map agency Swisstopo.

GeoVITe's new version is a graphical as well as a structural redesign of the previous, ETH-targeted GeoVITe platform, extending the provided geodata download service to all universities of Switzerland while at the same time offering more data and a new experience over its predecessor. Further located within the Geodata4SwissEDU project will be a geodata access infrastructure for power users, developed by the Geoinformation Competence Centre of the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR).

Stay tuned for more and more to come!